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Dark, Decadent, Deadly… Wanna Join?

From: Doktor Snake (Duke of All-Devildom)
Author of the world’s #1 bestselling book on voodoo. Seller of over 20,000 certified spells since 1999. Globally acknowledged authority on the occult and Satanic pact.

Let me welcome you to the darkest, most decadent society on the entire Internet. Join if you dare. But first let me tell you what it is all about. Founded by Dark Angel and myself, the Diabolus Society is made up of rakish hellfire dukes and exquisitely elegant ladies from all over the globe.

We are the disaffected aristocracy in the current Age of Lies. We refuse to accept the blatant falsehoods and upside-down morality that today’s society tries to ram down our throats.

The lineage of the Diabolus Society can be traced back through British poet Lord Byron to the Hellfire Club – the secret 18th century society run by Sir Francis Dashwood. The Hellfire Club had “Do what you will” as its maxim. Members practiced shocking (for the time) black magick rituals and Satanic rites – they also had a profound influence on politics, including the American Constitution, which originally espoused freedom and self-reliance and sought to separate church from state.

Above all, we are traditionalists who uphold the dignity and decency of an older time when egalitarianism was a nonsense and might was always right (according to the survival of the fittest). A time when there were always winners and losers, and you fought by “tooth and claw” to rise to prominence. A cleaner time when man, woman and child knew their place in life, and lived according to the cycle of the seasons and the shimmering moon.

Our “god” is Satan…

But the Diabolus Society does not worship the arch adversary. Nor do we see him as any more real than the dictatorial, morally-suspect “God” worshiped by gullible Christian and Muslim fantasists. Such religious maniacs desperately cling to their non-nonsensical beliefs because they are mortally afraid of exploring their own psyches. For if they did they’d see the truth they’d recognize that we all create our own realities. And that you yourself are “God” and are responsible for your own life and the decisions you make that shape it. NOT some mystery spook dreamt  up by religious elites to turn a buck and garner political power.

Rather we uphold Satan as a “bringer of truth” amidst a world where the masses lie to themselves and to each other in an endless round of falsehoods and self-deception. As to the rest of the Hierarchy of Hell, such as the 72 demons named in the Ars Goetia grimoire, we see them as aspects of ourselves; they are us. And demonology is deep psychology. It’s one of the most powerful self-help systems around, literally blowing apart conventional psychology.

Join Now (If You Dare)

To become a probationer member of the Diabolus Society you need to subscribe to our newsletter (soon we will have elite membership options). It brings you obsidian magick and spells, along with chronicling our “mad, bad, and dangerous” adventures in the realms of demonology and satanism. Plus diabolic philosophy and ethics to tear asunder the current Age of Lies.

Doktor Snake Duke of all Devildom

“Elite membership is coming soon with hell-forged membership cards, unique Diabolus Society sigil-pendants, aristocratic black arts born of 18th century hellfire, along with satanic self-help and philosophy for navigating the tragic, insipid wilderness of the 21st century.”

As A Satanist Society, What Moral Values & Standards Do You Have, If Any?

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