daimonic money machine servitor sigil ritual

Attracts cash 24/7

With economies crumbling amidst the Covid 19 crisis, most people are seriously concerned about their livelihoods. It’s the same for everybody (save perhaps the 1%, who might even be behind this whole fiasco). And no doubt it is for you too.

So what can be done?

Well, Dark Angel and I are as concerned as you are. So we sat down one night and decided to pull out the stops and figure out the ultimate conjure working to at very least keep finances stable and ideally on the up, given the unprecedented crisis.

Drawing upon our deep experience working with powerful aspects of the occult, we formulated our own take on a ritual formula from the Grimorium Verum, an old book of magic from the 18th century, but purportedly originating from medieval times.

This working involves evoking the powers of a demon called Claunech, much loved by Lucifer, who has the ability to bestow wealth. You may recognize his name from the King Solomon grimoires. But Claunech is not one of the 72 demons the illustrious king summoned, rather he works under one Duke Syrach, of whom little is known.

While all this may sound somewhat scary, this couldn’t be further from the truth...

The reality is, such entities have their roots in ancient times in the Middle East and were essentially gods who were “demonized” by later religions, including Christianity.

In fact, they have a soft spot for us humans…

They’re even willing to help us out, so long as due respect is shown. This is certainly the case with Claunech, who when called upon in the appropriate fashion, has the power to turn finances around – often big time.

Thus Dark Angel and I began our experiments with petitioning the help of Claunech. We created our take on his sigil and then did extensive vision trances to elicit his help and to assess the lie of the land in terms of enlisting his help for others, such as you.

One element to be aware of: Claunech expects all those he helps to pull their weight; in other words, they need to be make genuine efforts to improve their life and finances.

If not, he won’t help them.

This is not the “lazy person’s” way to riches – like the individual who does nothing but dream of winning the lottery, despite the odds of winning either the Powerball or Mega Millions being roughly 1 in 292.2 million and 1 in 302.5 million, respectively.


Sorcery and magic should be seen on another level; it’s all about will and intent. Both have to be strong and focused. If they are, daimonic help is assured and will guide you through the economic machinations needed to attain riches, or in the current uncertainty, improve your position and ride the tides until the world financial systems stabilize again.


(Three options varying in price and power).

CLAUNECH SERVITOR DOLL RITUAL: Cast by Dark Angel and I at a lonely country crossroads that holds numinous power. The unique servitor doll, with Claunech sigil inscribed on it, is fashioned by Dark Angel. It evokes Claunech’s powers to harness thought energy (thoughtform). Thus the doll acts as a spiritual “servant” working 24/7 to bring money and wealth.

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Only $275.00. (Free P&P)


We perform the ritual between seven and fourteen days of your order. Once completed, the doll is sent out to you via postal mail, along with a letter outlining how we performed the ritual, plus simple instructions on how to “feed” the doll.

CLAUNECH VISION TRANCE WORKING: Performed on your behalf by Dark Angel and I. Involves creating and casting a Claunech daimonic sigil, personalized to you, into the ether. We send you an email letter containing the sigil and outlining how we cast the working for you, along with simple instructions for connecting yourself to the power of the working.

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Only $150.00. (Delivered via email)


We perform the vision trance working for you within seven days of your order (your email letter will follow within 36 hours of us performing the rite).

CLAUNECH SIGIL CONJURE (DIY): Formulated by Dark Angel and I for you to do yourself. It consists of a personalized Claunech sigil created for you by us both along with instructions for a unique conjure working that you perform yourself. This is the budget option. But the working we give you to perform is very effective and not complicated.

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Only $75.00 (Delivered via email).


We configure the working to you personally and send it out by email within 36-hours.