asmodeus demon lust

Asmodeus – A Personable Demon Of Lust

So today let’s have a little fireside chat about the demon Asmodeus. Asmodeus is a demon of distinction. He has a genial nature, and it is said that he is as beautiful as Apollo to look upon. Although one might wonder at this if the depictions…
sallos demon 19 ars goetia

Conjuring Sallos, the mighty demon duke

The answer was "no"... Davina had approached us to win the heart of a man she was crazy about. To us, this wasn't a job that required summoning a demon. The way I saw it was we're in a potentially catastrophic economic meltdown. And here…
Barbatos demon

Invoking The Demon Barbatos To Deal With Economic Armageddon

In these difficult time we need all the help we can get. We need to pull out the stops. Britain, for example, is about to enter full national lockdown again this Thursday. It won't affect me unduly. But I will have to check what's going on…